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9:45 am

Both locations

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The third unit moves us into an understanding of the fullness of faith, helping us realize that our faith can grow and be rewarding for all who exercise it. 

Lesson 9 describes the importance of that growth as it looks at Jesus’s teaching on forgiving others. This is followed in lesson 10 by the account of one leper who was healed and returned to thank Jesus and thus enjoy His salvation.  

In lesson 11 we read of Jesus contrasting the self-righteous Pharisee and the humble tax collector and are reminded that humility must be part of our acceptance of salvation. lesson 12 reminds us that the most humble faith is simply childlike faith, as seen in the little ones who came to Jesus to be blessed by Him. The unit concludes in lesson 13 with the exciting salvation of Zacchaeus, a man considered by Jews at that time to be one of the most despicable individuals alive. Nevertheless, through faith in the Savior, he experienced great joy.

May 1, 2016                        Increased faith

Lesson scripture:              Luke 17:1-10

Lesson Aim:                        By the end of the lesson, we will: REVIEW what Jesus said about causing another to stumble; APPRECIATE the importance of giving and receiving correction; and IMPROVE our methods and style of godly correcting of others when necessary.


May 8, 2016                        Saying Thanks

Lesson scripture:              Luke 17:11-19

Lesson Aim:                        By the end of this lesson we review the story of the ten healed lepers; EXPRESS gratitude for all blessings including healing we have received; and CELEBRATE how the expressions of gratitude for personal healing becomes beneficial in the healing of others.


May 15, 2016                      Humble Faith

Lesson scripture:              Luke 18:9-14

Lesson Aim:                        By the end of this lesson, we will: KNOW why the Pharisee’s words were wrong and that tax collector’s words were right; APPRECIATE God’s mercy and grace; and INSPECT, and if necessary correct, our motivation for our own piety.


May 22, 2016                      Childlike Faith

Lesson scripture:              Luke 18:15-17; Mark 10:16

Lesson Aim:                        By the end of this lesson, we will KNOW Jesus valued children and that they were models for His Kingdom; BELIEVE that we should seek to cultivate in ourselves the qualities of children; and COMMIT to self-examinations and improvements with childlike faith.


May 29, 2016                      Joyous Faith

Lesson scripture:              Luke 19:1-10      

Lesson Aim:                        By the end of this lesson we will: REMEMBER the details of the encounter of Zacchaeus with Jesus; BELIEVE that they can make necessary dramatic changes in their lives with God’s and REPENT of their shortcomings and then to commit to living godly lives.