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2016 Summer Quarter

Sunday School


Toward a New Creation

Unit I: Judgement and Salvation

June 05                  The Day of the Lord                                Zeph. 1:4-6; 14-16; 2:3

Jun 12                      The Consequences of Disobedience     Zeph. 3-:1-8

Jun 19                      Joy of the Faithful                                 Zeph. 3:9-14, 20

Unit II: A World Gone Wrong

Jun 26                    Ignoring God’s Clear Truth                    Romans 1:18-23, 28-32

Lesson 4 - Details the sad progression of sin in the human race.

July 3                      Ignoring the Law’s Requirements         Romans 2:17-29

Lesson 5 & 6 – Demonstrates that Jews, like their Gentile counterparts, are under the power of sin.

July 10                     Under Sin’s Power                                 Romans 3: 9-20

July 17                     Set Right by Grace                                 Romans 3:21-31

Lesson 7 – Begins to set forth the hope of salvation that is available to all those who confess their sin.

Unit III: Life on God’s Terms

July 24                    Not Without Hope                                   Romans 5:1-11

Lesson 8 - Spells out many of the blessings we inherit in Christ.

July 31                     Raised to New Life                                 Romans 6:1-4

Lesson 9 – We learn how important theology is in our battle with temptation and sin. The Key to victory is knowing what God has already accomplished for us in Christ.

Aug 07                    Safe in God’s Love                                 Romans 8:28-30

Lesson 10/11 Teach us about God’s power and sovereignty. His power keeps us safely in His love, and His sovereignty guarantees that He can be trusted, even when we do not understand His purposes.

Aug 14                      Dependent on God’s Mercy                    Romans 9:6-18


Aug 21                     Grafted into the Promise                       Romans 11:11-24

Deals with the place of the Jewish people in God’s plan. His plan for the Jews remain intact and provide a warning for us not to become arrogant of boastful.

Aug 28                    Love Fulfills the Law                               Matthew 22:35-40; Romans 12:1-2; 13:8-10

This Final lesson brings us back to our most basic duties as Christians. It tells us and shows us how to love.